Just tuned in on Talk TV tonight and the topic was the increasing hunger in the country, based on the latest survey by Social Weather Station (SWS). “Involuntary hunger” is what they call it to differentiate it from the South beach kind. Something to think about when we again go on a feeding frenzy in the next few days. Don’t mean to rain on your parade but try to reflect a bit about all those people going hungry while you’re on your nth burp. How about sharing some of your food with those guys down the road which we tend to make invisible those 364 other days. Remember if bad ol’ LDL doesn’t get you, reflux eventually will. Share, it’s so much better for your waistline.


Malls are again of course bursting with people ” buying special gifts ” at Christmastime. It’s wading thru a sea of shoppers with the decibels of a Mahavishnu concert to boot.Yet it could also be the loneliest time of the year. Everyone’s seems too busy to even stop and smell the freshly baked aroma of croissants at the cafe. Everyone’s running after completing the gifts-to-buy list so one can move on with “normal life” thereafter. Maybe gift giving should be banned for just one year to give a chance for people to find time to talk to each other, rather than swim in the everthing for 99 bin. Just wishful thinking. Excuse me, while I dive into the 30% off bucket. Merry Christmas.

Welcome to Meanders at Mid-life. Not really a place to feel sorry or whine about losing hair and some joint flexibility, but rather a place to hang out and share ideas and experiences. A place to learn too or re-learn or unlearn. At Mid-life, its about time to think about shedding the idea of being either right or wrong. Because at this point the World really seems to be only about whether something’s working or not. Peace.